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Suzy and Rick Brown


Owners of Premier Sharpening of Atlanta

It is our Pleasure to serve you.  We appreciate your business and will do our best to provide you with reliable and honest service with each visit.  Our job is to make you look good. And while we don't take ourselves very serious, we take what we do for our valued customers "very serious".  

Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Stylist & Barbers


 We can sharpen and service your clipper blades and shears.  We service the high-end Convex Shears for our Stylist customers creating a razor sharp edge and making sure they are adjusted to just the right tension.

Barbers depend on their trimmers giving a super close cut for the perfect outline....We've  got you covered!

Groomers are our Core Business


Our Job is to help you maximize your earning potential by keeping your equipment working for you.  We may be the one vendor that makes you money rather than costs you money.

Ours is a partnership.  Our job is to make sure that your clippers and shears operate at their best so that you can keep your production at peek performance. 

We are in business to help your business grow and make you more profitable, every day.

More About Us

Knife Sharpening


Knives come in all shapes and sizes.   Whether it is a beautifully crafted piece or a dime-store special, we will give it a new edge that will allow it to cut to its full potential.
Homeowners and food processing plants alike can have our on-site service with a simple phone call.

Yard Tools


Make yard work easier and more enjoyable with tools that actually cut. 

Pruners,  Hedge Trimmers (both manual and electric), Machetes, Axes and 

more.  We come to you and service your yard tools on-site.

Dental equipment and Surgical Scissors


Our Veterinary Hospital customers love that we can sharpen their precision equipment including suture scissors, elevators and more.  Our on-site service means that most items can be sharpened on-site.  

Groomers, Stylist, Barbers

If you are outside of the greater Metro Atlanta Area, simply mail your blades and shears to us.

If you live outside of the greater Atlanta Area, you can mail your blades and shears to us for service.  Just call Suzy at 404-394-6101 for details.

We Can Service Your Arco Adjustable Blades and Ceramic Blades


Clipper Blades are not all alike.  While the most common is the steel blade, there are ceramic blades and the Arco Adjustable blades.  We can service all of your blades on-site.  We carry replacement parts and can repair your blades back to "like new" condition.

FAQs : What do you not sharpen?


We do not sharpen saw blades, chain saws, hand saws, Carbide blades or  Heavy industrial items.

Please feel free to call us for these items, perhaps we can refer you to someone who can help.

Price List

If your item is not listed, call us for information

About Us

Onsite Sharpening

We bring the shop to you.  Onsite sharpening means faster service!

Keep your time for yourself...

We come to you!  No more taking your blades to be serviced or mailing them away and waiting days for them to come back.  

Our Guarantee:

If you are not completely happy we will come back and make it right!

Shears, clipper blades for small and large animals, knives and yard tools.  We also carry our own line of shears that are sure to please.

Contact Us

If you prefer you can drop off your items for service...

While we are a mobile service, often people prefer to simply drop off their stuff.  No problem.  Just call Suzy and she will give you the details.

Premier Sharpening of Atlanta

1739 Pounds Rd Stone Mountain, GA 30087

(404) 394-6101

Drop us a line!


Prefer to Mail Them In?

Prefer to Mail them in?


Please include your contact information including address and phone number.

Need Repairs


We can repair your clippers and return them back to you.  Be sure to pack them up safely to protect from damage and include your info.

We are here to serve you!


Whether we come to you or you send your tools to us, be assured of quality service, and your guaranteed satisfaction.